a meal to remember - dining and kitchen lighting ideas

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-10
Indoor lighting plays an important and obvious role in your entire home
It is used for reading, watching TV, computer work, catering and other general light.
However, rooms like restaurants have a certain amount of space in which lighting can play a big role in function and helping to set the mood for relaxation and intimacy.
Whether you are dining with friends or family, it is a pleasant activity and food, specially prepared for special occasions such as Christmas, birthday, inviting friends to the anniversary, etc, because of the delicious food, the delicious company and, whether you believe it or not, whatever the festival, your lights will play a subtle but vital role in this festival.
Accessories like cutlery, flowers and pottery all emphasize the importance of the food you share on this special occasion.
As important as these factors are how you set up lighting.
It is common on the table, with a candle holder or other candle holder, or just a regular stand-alone candle, providing subtle lights that give you a feeling of intimacy.
Now, there are many other alternatives that offer the same level of low lighting and are safer than candles.
A minor drawback to having candles is that unless they are placed in a glass wine glass, it is possible for your diners to accidentally burn their sleeves or turn the candles over to scorch the tablecloth.
In any case, the naked flame is always worrying.
Instead, why not refill the candle with other extra lighting in the room?
Although it is ideal and amazing to have a glass candle table and glass wine glass to put candles on the table, you can set your mood by using low-voltage lighting in different places in the restaurant.
Recessed downlights are very effective in guiding a beam of light down to a small area or object, so they do not provide too much in the way of ordinary light, but provide subtle light where needed
A very effective solution is that there is no light on the table, but only the lighter above the table is used.
Another way of lighting that is becoming more popular in the kitchen and dining area is hanging chandeliers.
This is a single light source with low suspension, usually suspended by a bar or chain on the ceiling, and the bulb itself is surrounded by decorative lampshades.
Tiffany-style colored glass lampshades are popular as they are decorated in a colorful way and help create a warm, intimate atmosphere at the table.
When choosing the light source for your dining area, remember that the focus of the whole room should be the table, as this is the area decorated with your best tablecloth, tableware and porcelain, and do not forget the luxurious feast itself.
Not only that, your table is also the main area for you and your guests to gather for an hour or more to enjoy a long and leisurely meal, so you want the atmosphere to be relaxed and comfortable, free-flowing dialogue is also encouraged.
Chandelier lighting is very effective for the restaurant as it focuses the light in a vital area --
The ideal height of the hanging pendant is not too high, but above the eyes --
Level of diners.
The choice of the pendant also depends on the size and type of your table.
The round table usually requires only one chandelier, while the cuboid table requires two lights, one at each end.
In addition, try to install a chandelier using a dimmer, because it is very convenient to be able to turn off the lights at will.
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