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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-17
Michelle Marriott.
For decades, the Planetarium and Science Center have mixed the inspiring star and educational films they offer with more fantasy fares: laser shows are typically set to thunderous rock music
But in the computer age
Special effects and family entertainment center with theater-
High quality sound systems and even lasers are starting to show their age.
So at the beginning of next month in Manhattan, the Hayden Planetarium will put its own supercomputing power to a new use: the audio-visual skills of creating and projecting beyond most laser performances
\"Sonicvision\", which will open on October \".
3, is set to technology for 35 minutes of soaring, stirring and Immersive Visualization
Electronic music and contemporary rock by recording artist Moby.
A recent test show reveals the huge surrealism of three.
Dimension vision that changes back and forth from pure abstraction-
A cosmic bond of power. dye --
Rotating wheeled machines, flashing eyes, sea of architectural forms and optical pun intended.
None of them were produced by a laser.
Miles Gordon, vice president of education at the American Museum of Natural History, said: \"Although the laser shows are wonderful, they are not suitable for the 21st Century Planetarium, and Hayden is part of the Center for Earth and space roses.
\"How do we take advantage of the technology and progress we have made in projection, sound and production over the past 30 years?
\"Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of Hayden, also believes that the laser show is not aging well.
The novelty of the technology is no longer there, he said.
\"Now you can buy a laser at the cash register at Kmart.
\"Advertising promotes most of the amazing factors of these three brands --year-
The old Planetarium, which replaced the original 1935 building, was provided by a supercomputer that, among other attributes, took advantage of the 118 microprocessor. (
There is only one typical home computer. )
Placed in two air.
Air-conditioned rooms adjacent to the planetarium manage up to 9 tb of data--
About 13 times the size of a typical file
An hour-long film shown digitally in a commercial theater.
The system has two 24-
Hundreds of speakers and 7 ultra-high-
Planetarium officials say the resolution video projector is trained inside the planetarium dome, which has a surface area of more than 6,500 square feet. Dr.
Space physicist Tyson says the vast computing power of the planetarium computer system makes it possible not only to model, map and vividly display stars, planets and distant galaxies, but the processing and projection of any other data that can be represented in three dimensions.
Philip Alden Ben, one of the 19 animators who helped create \"sonicvision\", said he and his New York animation
About eight minutes for the show--
The work is strict and detailed.
This is a new form of entertainment, he said.
This is really an immersive experience.
He said that in order to achieve the desired results, he tried a variety of colors and images that he believed were most effective in spherical environments. In a computer-
In the generated environment, he projects the image onto a virtual sphere with a high reflective surface.
The result showed him how his animation would appear on the dome of the planetarium with a diameter of 75 feet.
\"This is the first dome music show in the world ,\"Benn said.
Anthony Braun, executive producer of the Rose Center, has worked on two current space shows, University passport and search for life at the Planetarium: are we alone? \'\' --
He says he has been considering purely recreational possibilities for planetarium technology.
\"We have talked about it for a few years and developed the concept,\" he said . \".
Once the $600,000 project is approved, advertising
Earlier this year, under the leadership of the museum administration, Chris Harvey, creative director of the show, said he began looking for artists and animators he thought were critical to it.
The strange thing, he says, is that music comes first.
In cooperation with MTV2, sir.
Harvey said that he has come to see \"Moby\" and he often puts it high.
Add Tech themes and images to his music and videos, a natural choice for mixed music.
\"Moby did one thing that I thought was great and that was that he got some sort of quality of the dome,\" Mr. Harvey said.
Many of his music choices reflect the quality of space.
\"Moby spoke about the music of the show, including some songs from cool play, Radiohead, U2, burning lips, Stone Age Queens and David Bowie, digital stitching was performed with computer and prototype digital editing software.
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He said he was enthusiastic about working with the museum.
He said: \"I am a dimly lit musician, but I do this whenever I have the opportunity to participate in scientific research.
Moby said that once he had a combination of creating emotional and narrative processes, the music was transferred to the planetarium and stored in the supercomputer. (
The same system will provide playback, which is no different from playback on a college student\'s desktop computer, but within a larger range of exponential levels. )
The music is ready, sir.
Braun said the artist of the project and 3-
D. The animator turned to create images, accompanied by peaks and lows of mixing.
They were urged to have a good time, but most importantly, sir.
Braun said the creative team wanted animators to take advantage of the dome of the planetarium.
\"The main thing is to use and maximize your immersion in the Dome,\" he said . \".
\"Everything we initially imagined and talked about was to give the audience the feeling of immersing themselves in the image and flying over it.
But when the planetarium\'s creative team began to process dozens of megabytes of data in the completed program, its members realized that the hardware could not complete the task: Hayden 78-
It took too long for the processor system to render the program.
So Sun Microsystems donated the server rack, adding 40 more
The planetarium\'s 78 speed processors and accompanying software contributed $1 million.
There are about a dozen dome planetarium in the United States, and there are six equally powerful computers abroad. driven audio-
A spokesman for the museum, Anne Candy, said the visual hardware.
But Hayden was the first to create such a technically advanced program just for entertainment.
Gordon, vice president of the museum, added that it was planned to sell the project for display in other Planetarium.
This prospect pleased Alex Coletti, the executive in charge of MTV programming and production, who worked with the planetarium staff on \"sonicvision.
\"I hope it will reach other places around the world so that it will arrive before as many people as possible,\" he said . \".
\"This is a collective experience.
This is the music.
\"Carl Goodman, digital media curator and new media program director at the American mobile imaging Museum in Astoria, Queens, shows that the show represents a broader reality than the public music experience.
From telephone design to highways, \"Today we live in a world presented in one way or another by computers,\" he said . \".
\"The software we use to make computer animations is also the software we use to model, simulate and understand our world in a sense.
\"It\'s a bit strange,\" he said, \"if nothing like this happens in the planetarium.
Tickets for \"Sonicvision\" will open on October.
3 at the Hayden Planetarium, it will be shown on Friday and Saturday at 7: 30, 8: 30, 9: 30 and 10: 30.
The general admission fee is $15 ($12 member).
Pre-sale tickets can be purchased when the mobile phone (212)769-
5200 or at www. amnh. org.
Participants will enter through the entrance of rose Earth and Space Center west 81 Street, located at the American Museum of Natural History between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue on Upper West Side of Manhattan. (
The Rose Center itself is open at 8: 45. m. on Fridays;
Otherwise the museum will be closed on Friday and Saturday nights. )
There is no official age limit for admission, but part under 35
Minute demo feature, loud music, fast
It may scare the moving image of the child.
An article about circuits.
18 about high-
The scientific lighting show at Hayden Planetarium cited the wrong precedent.
The previous music program did use projection on the dome.
The title of the picture about the show does not fully involve the design shown, which incorporates eyeballs into the grid pattern.
This is a painting based on Alex Gray.
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