a guide to ceiling fixtures

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-07
There are a lot of lighting equipment on the market today, and choosing from countless designs can be a daunting task.
Understanding the different kinds of lighting and what is easily available will help us to choose wisely.
Ceiling fixtures are probably the most familiar and common lighting fixtures, and here are some of the easiest to get. 1. )
A socket with a bare bulb may be the simplest ceiling fixture.
Although it emits a lot of light, it has no decorative value. 2. )
The frosted globe is perhaps the simplest ceiling decoration device.
This is the basic ceiling light your builder usually offers for the foyer, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.
While this fixture may be sufficient for the laundry and workshop, try to avoid it in other rooms and choose other more attractive ceiling fixtures, for example, a chandelier, a rail light or a downlight is just a few examples. 3. )
The chandelier is a fixture for hanging.
Initially, the chandelier was used to hold candles, but with the arrival of electricity, the lights replaced the candles.
These styles are varied, from traditional to modern, depending on the mood you want to create in your room.
The gorgeous crystal chandelier will create an atmosphere for a traditional formal restaurant or central lobby.
An early American farmhouse in a village can be made of chandeliers made of wood, pewter, or iron.
Stylish metal or plastic chandeliers will be perfectly installed in a contemporary setting. 4. )
The downlight is a ceiling fixture that projects light down, as the name suggests.
There are two types of downlights-
Embedded downlights and downlights for surface mounting.
The embedded downlight is installed in the space inside the ceiling, also known as the high cap.
Some high hats glow directly to the wall, and these fixtures are called wall washers.
Wall washers are usually used to illuminate objects on or on walls such as painting, tapestries, bookcases, curtains and other window treatments.
Another type of downlight is the focus lens projector, which is a very special type of ceiling fixture.
It is specially used to highlight paintings, sculptures, vases or other works of art.
You can choose a floodlight or a spotlight with an embedded downlight.
When the floodlight shoots a wide beam, the spotlight shoots a narrow beam.
The surface mounted downlights are easier to install than the embedded mounted downlights, as the ceiling is not required to be cut.
The surface mounted downlights do not disappear from the ceiling.
Matching the color of the surface mounted downlight with the color of the ceiling will achieve a unified look. 5. )
Rail lighting is the fastest growing one in modern lighting.
This is made up of metal tracks attached to the ceiling, and a separate lighting device is inserted at any point on the track.
At present, there are various fixtures available for rail lighting, from narrow focus pins-
Spots of floodlights and wall washers.
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