A good sleep starts with the correct arrangement of all copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-05
Many customers always consider very carefully when purchasing all-copper bedroom lamps, because considering that the bedroom is a place to sleep and rest, they are afraid that sleep will be affected because they do not choose a suitable all-copper lamp. In fact, if the bedroom lights are not used correctly, it is easy to cause tension, uneasiness and even insomnia. Then, Xiao Bian summarizes how to choose the full copper lamp for the bedroom lamp! If you want to have a good sleep, you 'd better turn off the main light in the bedroom half an hour before going to bed and turn on a small desk lamp or a small wall lamp at the head of the bed. The purpose of this is to adjust the brightness of the whole room, so that the brain gradually accepts a slightly darker environment and enters the preparatory period of sleep, which is helpful to relieve insomnia. The lighting of the bedroom of the elderly in the home should be mainly bright. Choosing a little bright copper lamp can dispel loneliness and increase the sense of security. In the child's bedroom, choose a lively shape. In addition, for the convenience of the night, you can set a 3-watt Changming bedside wall lamp, which solves the problem of children's fear of darkness at night, and solve the get up in the middle of the toilet of problem.
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