A bunch of headdresses removed from the crystal chandeliers, but Yang Mi and the others made them look hard to wear

by:EME LIGHTING     2021-03-08
Tired of looking at the bright golden hairpin hair crown, and occasionally seeing those pure white as snow headdresses, I am afraid that there will be a beautiful fantasy of ice and snow beauty in my heart! Some costume dramas are ingenious. They are obviously a bunch of components that look like crystal chandeliers, but they can be transformed into tall looks that the audience can't afford to wear by the actresses! Xi Yao is the holiest goddess in the Three World Views of the Immortal Sword. His whole body is wrapped in silver and white and flawless. A piece of tassel chain that seems to be a crystal chandelier is woven into a net and covered on top of the head, turning into the most beautiful scenery on Xi Yao. Yinrong wears a fluffy white feather coat all year round, not like a charm, but like a winter-resistant fairy. Similarly, her costume is not a highlight. The most striking thing is the snow lotus blooming on top of her head, coupled with the silver steps hanging on both sides, such a beauty of ice and snow, it makes people love at first sight. If you wear a crystal chandelier headdress, even Xuerou, a fairy of the Living Buddha, can look like a pure and innocent fairy. Her headdress is like a lot of blooming lotus flowers spliced u200bu200btogether, which has the charm of crystal lamp ornaments. Wu Meiniang in the supreme beauty, a yellow-bottomed silver-patterned gauze skirt with a crown of crystal beads on her head, is really charming and moving, like a fairy and picturesque. Mu Tingting’s costume appearance has never disappointed. In the joy of every day, when the soul of Fox Jiumei was out of her body, she became a pretty girl in pink, with a crystal frosted hair crown on the top of her head. People who didn’t know thought she was. What Frost Snow Fairy is it! Even Xiangmi’s new fantasy costume drama loves the headdress of crystal chandelier. The crown of the bride of Fengshen is white and crystal. The fine bead curtain is densely covered on the forehead, and the crystal folds are flourishing. Wang Yuanke It looks elegant and generous. Fairy Chang'e's headdress is small, small and exquisite, and you can appreciate many beautiful details if you look closely. Although their headgear may be a pendant removed from a set of crystal lamps in the eyes of the audience, they have become tall and tall after being dressed up by the actors.
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