90% customers' overall home decoration copper lamp matching choice

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-04
Snooker Mercure 90% customers overall home decoration copper lamp matching choice, don't hurry to take a look! Living room main chandelier: SZ50751- 06 snooker Meiju hot style, simple and generous style, white blown glass lampshade, Jade ball creative design. Restaurant chandelier: SD22023- 03 snooker Meiju's new dining chandelier is designed side by side with 3 fabric lampshades. It is fresh and elegant, versatile and suitable for all kinds of decoration styles. Semi-chandelier in study: SZ06052- 06 the whole lamp looks like a blooming flower. The lampshade is made of frosted glass and Diamond Glass. The hand-painted flower at the bottom is a major feature. Study desk lamp: ST22926- 01 The study table lamp is a national green table lamp, retro and elegant, with a full copper lamp body to make the whole lamp look more charming, versatile style, cost-effective, it is worth recommending a table lamp. Mirror front light: SB07010- 03C uses a spray yellow matte lampshade to show a retro and elegant feeling. The size is: diameter 550 * height 250, irradiation area 3- 5 m², the same series also has a double-headed wall lamp bedroom ceiling lamp: SX06053- The 06 bedroom ceiling lamp was selected as the explosive model of Snow American TV series. Its simple shape is favored by new and old customers. This all-copper ceiling lamp has multiple specifications to choose from, and the corresponding specifications are selected according to the space area. TV Wall lamp: SB40701- 02B this double-headed wall lamp is made of black PVC lampshade. The all-copper thickened back panel looks more stable, with white linen lampshade and beige linen lampshade to choose from. Small chandelier with floating window: SZ07090- 01 small and exquisite, many customers choose small chandeliers with floating windows, very versatile styles, porch is also suitable for balcony wall lamps: SB03209- 01 balcony wall lamp recommended style, fully enclosed style, effective waterproof, moisture-proof, open-air balcony is also suitable for installation.
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