62 brass full copper lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-05
In the sale of all-copper lamps, many buyers will ask: what kind of copper do you use and what material is your lamp made? ; As the name implies, the main material of all-copper lamps is copper. However, the concept of copper is too extensive. A simple word is really difficult to reflect the value of all-copper lamps and cannot answer everyone's questions. Today, let's learn about 62 brass that has created a perfect high-quality all-copper lamp. First, what is 62 brass 62 brass, namely H62 brass. 62 brass means ordinary brass with an average copper content of 62%. Copper alloy added with other elements on the basis of ordinary brass is called special brass, still'H' It indicates that the chemical symbols and average components of other added elements will be followed, for example, H62 has a copper content of 60. 5% ~ 63. 5%, the balance is zinc content, H represents'Yellow', Is the first letter of pinyin. Brass is divided into ordinary brass, special brass and cast brass. Second, the value of 62 brass to make all-copper lamps 62 brass has good mechanical properties, good plasticity in hot state, good plasticity in cold state, good machinability, easy brazing and welding, and not easy to corrode, can be used for parts that bear large loads. Inhibition of space-time holes in H62 brass during high temperature deformation by strong electric field. Therefore, the special performance of 62 brass can not only make all-copper lamps better shaped, but also increase the service life of many years and create more and more exquisite all-copper lamps.
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