5 things to avoid in a stylish dining room

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-07
It would be great if you were lucky enough to have a separate formal restaurant, but with the habit of running and eating that we all have, the restaurant is easily overlooked.
Give you a little love and don\'t make mistakes in these restaurants :-1.
Don\'t let your restaurant be too dark, the traditional restaurant is painted in the old Victorian house, the color is dark, so we often think that the wall of the restaurant is Crimson, these colors are rarely suitable for modern families, especially those with smaller, less grand rooms.
Paint most of your walls in neutral colors and let your accessories occupy the center stage.
Interesting works of art add color to those who visit and become a talking point. 2.
Don\'t fill your room with furniture if your table is too big, it will make your room look big and small.
Use only the table size suitable for the room.
When the chair is in place, you should be able to walk around it comfortably.
Don\'t try to squeeze into other items, such as sideboards, if there is no space.
If you have a beautiful table, there is no need to cover it with a cloth unless the heat and moisture of the food and dishes can damage the surface.
Modern table runs and floor mats work well without fabric. 3.
Don\'t use overhead lighting at dinner parties, the overhead lighting is too dazzling to kill the conversation.
Use a combination of wall lights, desk lamps and candles to fit into the room.
If you have a central ceiling light but don\'t turn it on, please add a decorative light fitting. 4.
Don\'t fill your room with garbage, even if you throw things there, and when there are people around you, it usually clears all irrelevant items.
If you \'ve ever been to a restaurant with a set of golf clubs, a hamster in the cage and a bike in it, then you\'ll know what a bad impression it is. 5.
Do not leave your room to collect dust if your restaurant is not used frequently. Be sure to clean the guests thoroughly before they come so they don\'t sneeze in a dusty room.
Also vacuum the carpet to make sure you pick up any crumbs from your last dinner.
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