4 Tips to teach you to easily identify copper lamps and copper-plated lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-03
Nowadays, all-copper lamps are becoming more and more popular. The all-copper lamps on the market are also dazzling, and the phenomenon of shoddy and shoddy is also everywhere. I met a customer who told us about the experience of buying all-copper lamps. I saw that there are too many styles on the Internet, and the styles are similar, but the prices are high and low, I simply took the luck and chose a very cheap one. I bought it and bought it back. It was not a copper lamp at all. The lamp body was very light. I carefully thought about it, I found that it was copper-plated, and the result made me miserable. So as consumers, how should we identify all-copper lamps and copper-plated lamps? Snooker Meiju 4 tricks teach you to easily identify all copper lamps and copper-plated lamps! First, look at the surface of the lamp, if it is really a full copper lamp, the surface of the lamp body or small accessories will have some irregular lines, but the surface of some copper-plated lamps will be smooth and delicate, the brightness of the color is also relatively high. Second, the weight of the hand-held lamps and lanterns will have a heavy feeling when the all-copper lamp is held in the hand, while the copper-plated lamp is light. Third, scrape the surface, you can open the surface of the copper part with a file without affecting the appearance, and observe the powder under the file, if the powder is golden yellow or golden White, it is copper. If it is other colors, it may be copper plated. Fourth, the experiment, like the general home improvement customers, can use salt grams, add 500 grams of clear water, take a small accessory of a lamp completely immersed in salt water, if the surface does not change after 12 hours, it means that it is a full copper lamp. If it encounters problems such as discoloration, it means that it is copper plated.
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