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by:EME LIGHTING     2021-03-22
In the lighting optimization of the home space, the wardrobe is usually an area that is easily overlooked. After all, it belongs to the furniture and the area is small. In the traditional lighting concept, there are few lighting specifically for the wardrobe. However, problems such as weak lighting and insufficient illumination make it difficult to see the contents of the wardrobe, which seriously affects the experience. So, how to use lights to enhance the experience of cloakroom use? In fact, with LED downlights, it is much easier to handle. ▲ The 'no main light' design brought by the LED downlight makes the light environment of the cloakroom full of layers. Tuyuan Zhuke HOME So, how to fill up the wardrobe specifically? There are options to choose from here. The use of light strips can bring contour lighting effects to the wardrobe, and the light strips themselves are soft, free to bend, cut and other attributes, which are very suitable for the nature of the small space of the wardrobe. In this way, in each compartment, it can be evenly brightened, there is no shadow and dark area, and it can also be fixed at the bottom of the wardrobe, which has a layered beauty. Tuyuan Zhuke HOME uses chandeliers as decorative lighting, which is exquisite and elegant in appearance, but this solution can only be used in cloakrooms or closets with large enough wardrobes. In addition, the chandelier can serve as part of the environment lighting, but it still needs auxiliary lighting to supplement the illuminance. Use wardrobe lights If the compartments are mostly stored, it is a good choice to have lights in the cabinet. Wardrobe lights are usually line lights, and they are also very suitable for every compartment of the wardrobe. The light in the corners can be taken into account. The light body of the LED downlight is small and exquisite. If you choose the embedded design, the visual experience will be better, because it does not take up vertical space, can stretch the floor height, is practical and energy-saving. The light distribution is uniform, and each space can be individually illuminated. In addition, as a 'concentration camp' for clothing accessories, wardrobes have high requirements for accurate selection of colors and materials, and it is also destined that the light distribution must be scientific and reasonable. The LED downlights with high color rendering index can fully meet this requirement. The black diamond series LED downlights can reach a high color rendering index of Ra≥, and support customization, and can reach Ra according to the needs. This high rendering index light source can highlight the real color of the clothes and make the clothes look more beautiful , No color difference. ▲The black diamond series LED downlights can be seen. If you want to achieve high-quality wardrobe lighting, there are still many lighting layout methods. Among them, the use of the cloakroom can be easily improved through the LED downlights with high CRI and excellent light distribution, combined with the layered light strips. Now, you realize the importance of wardrobe lighting, right? Through LED lighting product production, lighting design services, and furniture decoration product supply, Shenzhen Co., Ltd. provides overall solutions for airports, five-star hotels, villa home improvement, commercial buildings and other projects. It is Qingdao Jiaozhou Airport and Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. , Xuzhou Guanyin Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Xi’an Xianyang International Airport and other large airports designated lighting suppliers. Contact Address: Floor, Art Trade Center, Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
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