4 kinds of European-style lamps, which do you like?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-05
European lamps have always been favored by people. There are many kinds of European lamps on the market, and the charm brought by European lamps of different materials is also different. European-style lamps made of glass are believed to be more common to everyone. Under the decoration of transparent glass, the home is brighter and warmer. Although the material is simple, the shape is fashionable and elegant. At the same time, it is also a very versatile lamp, which is one of the reasons why European lamps made of glass are popular with people. European-style lamps made of iron are also well-known lamps. European-style lamps made of iron can not only be flexibly matched in shape and color, but also play a versatile role in simple and atmospheric shape, therefore, it is also very suitable for modern minimalist decoration style. All-copper European lamps and lanterns pay attention to atmosphere and simplicity. This kind of European lamps and lanterns is suitable for matching with simple European style home environment, which can create a warm and elegant feeling. Simple and natural wooden European lamps are relatively less likely to be seen. Their main characteristics are simplicity and a feeling of returning to nature. Generally, they are more suitable to be matched with solid wood furniture. The European lamps made of the above four materials have their own characteristics. Which one do you like?
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