3 Tips to teach you to distinguish the quality of the copper lamp power material

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-04
At ordinary times, when buying all-copper lamps, people focus on the lamp styles, but few people notice the quality of the power supply materials in all-copper lamps. Good power supply materials can make the service life of all-copper lamps longer, on the contrary, inferior power supply materials will accelerate the reduction of the service life of all-copper lamps, at the same time, they will also threaten people's use safety and even cause some potential safety hazards, the following snooker 3 tips teach you to distinguish the quality of the copper lamp power material. 1. Identify the marks of lamps from the appearance of lamps. When purchasing all-copper lamps, first check the marks on lamps, such as trademark, model, rated voltage, rated power, etc. to judge whether they meet their own requirements. Marking safety is the basic requirement for the safety performance of lamps, and the rated power is particularly important. For example, a lamp designed for 40 watts, due to the unmarked rated power, the user is likely to install a 60-watt or 100-watt bulb, which may cause deformation of the housing, insulation damage, even electric shock, and may cause fire. In addition, generally, the minimum cross section of wires used in all copper lamps is 0. 5 mm², some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the cross-sectional area of wires used in products is less than 0. 5 mm², so that the wire may be burnt, and the insulation layer will be short-circuited after burning, causing danger. When purchasing, you can look at the Mark 2 printed on the insulation layer outside the conductor on the lamp and identify it from electric shock protection. Attention should be paid to the protection against electric shock. After the all-copper lamp is electrified, people should not touch the live parts and there will be no danger of electric shock. If you buy a copper chandelier or a copper wall lamp, install the bulb without electricity. If you can't touch the live parts with your little finger, the anti-electric shock performance is basically in line. The electric shock prevention performance of lamps and lanterns does not meet the standards, which is generally caused by adopting electric shock prevention protection measures such as lamp holders that do not meet the requirements or lamp live parts without covers. 3. There should be no sharp edge at the entrance and exit of the metal pipe through which the identification wire passes from the structure of the lamp, so as not to cut the wire, causing the metal parts to be charged and causing the danger of electric shock. Removable lamps such as all-copper table lamps and all-copper floor lamps shall have wire fixing frames at the entrance of the power cord, which are used to prevent the heating element from being touched when the power cord is pushed back, the insulation layer will melt due to overheating of the wires, and the exposed wires will contact the metal shell, the shell is charged and causes electric shock.
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