3 points for all copper ceiling lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-19
All-copper ceiling lamp is a very popular lamp nowadays, and it is also a versatile lamp. It can be installed in living room, bedroom, study, etc. The following small series takes you to understand the three main points of all copper ceiling lamps. First, the safety of all copper ceiling lamps should try to choose the quality of the lampshade, and it is not easy to damage the material, especially the family with children, in order to prevent the lampshade from being damaged when throwing toys, therefore, it is necessary to choose a full copper ceiling lamp with a relatively strong lampshade. Second, the main function of light-transmitting lamps is to provide a bright environment for people. Therefore, the texture of the outer cover of the lamp flame should be uniform, with high light transmission, and the lamp tube that cannot show off light. Uneven materials affect the brightness of light and have certain adverse effects on vision. Although some ceiling lamps with poor light transmission on the market are beautiful, they affect the light, so they are not suitable for selection. 3. Durability another key factor of the service life of all-copper ceiling lamps is that the quality and service life of the inner tubes and rectifiers are closely related. Inferior tubes are prone to blackening, which affects the lighting effect of the lamps. At present, although energy-saving lamps are commonly used, attention must be paid to whether the lamps and rectifiers are produced by regular manufacturers.
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