3 different styles of all copper living room lights recommended

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-04
Nowadays, people are very particular about life, and there is no exception to food, clothing, housing and transportation. Speaking of living; I have to mention about the decoration of the house. New house decoration is a big event, especially the choice of lamps and lanterns needs to be carefully selected. Exaggeratedly speaking, lamps and lanterns are a lifetime thing. Of course we can't just choose. Next, I would like to recommend several all-copper living room lights recently launched by snooker. SZ50817- In Xiao Bian's personal opinion, 06 is a copper living room lamp that is more popular with female consumers. The shiny crystal is a favorite of many female customers, the petal-shaped lampshade, and the jade ball that emits a feminine atmosphere. Coupled with a full copper wall with a retro feel, it is simply perfect. I believe that many female consumers want to start after seeing it, and hanging in the living room is the most suitable. When I say it, I have to drool ~ The model of this all-copper living room lamp is: SZ22022-12, the main style is simple and atmospheric. The overall feeling of giving people is crisp and neat. The all-copper wall is matched with a white frosted lampshade. At first glance, the whole lamp body is made of white and bronze. It looks very simple and elegant. Take a closer look and you will find that the lampshade is wrapped in copper bars. Maybe you will think that this is just a simple copper strip. In fact, there is a lot of knowledge here. The copper strips of the snooker all-copper lamp glass are pressed according to the same shape of the glass. In this way, the pressed copper strip can fit well with the glass, and the copper strip will not be turned over when the lamp is used for a long time. In this piece, snooker has done a lot of work! When I talk about the emotional appeal, I think of the word romantic. When I talk about romance, I think of the candlelight dinner. When your living room lights up a SZ40701- 12 all copper living room lights, you will find that this is the real romance. The young couple nestled on the sofa in the living room and enjoyed a pleasant night. This all-copper bend candle lamp is simple and not cumbersome, giving off the purest light and looks very comfortable. The all-copper lamp body and the candle-shaped light bulb are the perfect combination, as if to the romantic Eden Manor, enjoying the sweet and happy time under the light.
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