$25 device turns any light switch into a smart light switch in seconds

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-07
The Switchmate TSM001WCAN Smart Light Switch Adapter is one of the coolest things we \'ve had for a long time.
No trouble converting any switch at all-
Smart lighting controls home lighting.
Whether it\'s embedded lighting in the kitchen, a huge chandelier at the entrance, or all the lights in the bedroom or bathroom, you can control everything with your phone without having to make a fuss with any wires.
The Switchmate panel is installed on your existing switch in a few seconds and is only available for $25 today!
Here are the key details of the product page: Related stories: hot deals today: $13 LED smart bulb, $25 real wireless earbuds, $10 Anker wireless charger, $249 iPad Apple\'s iPad is back at $249 again, and if you don\'t get a snapshot instantly on an existing light switch, you\'re crazy: no tools or withing with built-in voice commands: turn the lights on/off by out-of-the-box Voice & no need for a voice hub to keep the existing light switch on to the home light, turn off after the preset time Multi Timer: arrange the lights in your daily life & make it look like someone is always working at home/Sunset: turn on the lights at sunset, turn on the lights from your phone or manually through the wall switch bgr: build the ultimate home theater with the concept of Mingji-
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