2018 China traffic light signal lighting BBS on December 5, held in Shanghai

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-22
0 China traffic light signal lighting BBS, 0 - held in Shanghai - - - - - - 0 BBS the significance of urban traffic and road traffic order and safety issues, has become a very important aspect in the construction of a harmonious society. People, cars, the road three relations coordination, construction and management department of transportation has become one of the key issues which need to be solved, however, plays a key role in the three traffic lights, back reflection marks or other product is popular and normal operation, intelligent traffic light control and traffic guidance system is now the most important part of urban traffic control command, the traffic administrative department of the government and the study of traffic signal system, improve and investment has been seriously. The significance of this BBS is to facilitate the traffic signal light illumination in the field of technical research, standards, implementation and application level; To promote energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and stable performance of the application of optical signal products; Improve traffic signal management unit operation maintenance and management level, to create safe, energy-saving, healthy and orderly traffic environment. BBS invited from all over the country provinces and cities of the competent department of city and highway traffic, standards, scientific research department, the engineering project owner party, traffic design institute of lighting project director and excellent optical signal company as experts in this BBS's speech, the head and interaction. A: lighting on engineering cost standard drafting group set up under a: apple car new patents: external lighting and warning system product recommendations
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