2017 all copper lamp partners join hands!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-03
The festive atmosphere of the new year has not yet dispersed, and the Friends of the snooker beautiful copper lamp yesterday (February 8) I have already started to work officially and started to work in my respective positions. The employees on the production line of the snooker all-copper lamp factory also came to their jobs and began to arrange production. The production management leaders of the factory also specially launched a work arrangement meeting to allocate the work of each department in turn. We will step up the arrangement of orders that customers need to deliver after the year, and the orders that need to be produced after the year will be urgently arranged for production, and all work will return to normal. In addition, the small partners of the all-copper lamp network department of snooker are also getting busy. First, they check the message information sent by all customers during the holiday and reply one by one, and then do a good job in notifying our company of the start-up information, let the customer know that we have officially started work, we can start normal orders, deal with related matters, etc. In 2017, the new year has begun. The small partners of snooker Meiju all-copper lamp will be full of blood and devote themselves to their work, fighting hard and fighting hard, here, I sincerely hope that new and old customers can continue to support snooker in the new year, with your copper; In!
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