2013 New Glass solder lamp development plan finalized

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-03
Yesterday, the general manager of the all-copper lamp office in snooker came out with news that the new development plan for glass solder lamps in 2013 was finalized. This special topic discussion discusses the development principles and development direction of glass solder lamps in 2013 and a period of time in the future. The meeting was organized by the general manager's office of the company. A total of 25 people from the company's sales department, production department, Finance Department and design department attended the meeting. The sales director of the company's glass solder lamp first made a speech on the changes in the glass solder lamp market since the beginning of 2013 and the customer's expectations for our glass solder lamp. At the same time, he also put forward requirements around the positioning of our glass solder lamp. In response to these problems, the relevant person in charge of the company's design department put forward constructive suggestions on the development direction of the glass solder lamp market in 2013. He pointed out that from the first-hand information obtained by the sales department from the market, it is not difficult to see that the glass solder lamp has gradually developed from the original simple European classical style to Chinese, new Chinese, and pure European. In other words, the glass solder lamp industry is beginning to extend from a small industry to a large number of industries. This is a good momentum of development. If we can seize this opportunity, on the basis of taking advantage of the company's original advantages to develop new glass solder lamps, the company will undoubtedly face rare market opportunities. After listening to the speeches of various departments, Mr. Luo made a concluding speech. He pointed out that in the development of the new glass solder lamp in 2013, we must respect the market on the one hand, and on the other hand, we must adhere to the company's positioning. You can't make new models for new models, and you can't rush to the ground. To get out of your own characteristics.
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