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Zhongshan Tsui Hang New District Planning Exhibition Center


Zhongshan Tsui Hang New District Planning Exhibition Center is located in Zhongshan Saddle Island Tsui Hang New District, and the total building area is 7713m², which is designed by Singapore Tierra Design (S) Pte. LTD and instructed by Mr. He Jingtang, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. The Exhibition center using environmental protection concept of green building, integrates Chinese traditional culture and the spirit of the era, which demonstrates Zhongshan elements, Lingnan characteristic and Chinese style. The building is constructed in strict accordance with the standard of Ministry of Construction, showing the future image of Tsui Hang New District. The whole design is to express the harmonious relationship between "human and nature", "architecture and the environment".


Exterior wall

Using different exterior lighting to highlight the building with the sense of the times, space and third dimension. Like the sunshine, lighting plays upon the hall and makes visual sense. Visitors’ attention is constantly being overtaken by the aura.


In contrast to the sense of majesty, RGB underwater light lighten up the environment.

In the landscape lighting part, we follow the concept of harmony; consider the influence between the surrounding and lighting, using soft light which likes a natural part of the landscape.


The decoration style of the meeting room is simple but generous. It is suggested to use simple lighting which would not compress visual space. In addition, consider the function of meeting, it is suggested to combine with other illumination.

To match the concept of green and harmony, we used RGB interior lighting to highlight the green wall, which can catch visitors’ eyes.

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